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Transduction, from the Latin TRANS, “through”, and DUCERE, “to guide, to lead, to head”, entails the conversion of something into another form, while keeping what is believed to be the inherent essence of that very information. A term commonly used in physiology, physics, sciences of perception and biology itself, it has been turning into a key element to the work by Yola Pinto and Simão Costa in artistic creation, as a reference to processes, methodologies and general action that bring forth multiple shapes in a transdisciplinary sensorial spectre.

Sound and movement are the raw materials that set a synesthetic reach developed by the teams they bring together for each context, both with regular directly active collaborators and specific consultants from different fields.

Since 2011, this all-encompassing concept has been integral to their shared artistic path, whether in training, shows or interactive installations in a wide range of venues, constantly challenging the relationship between exhibition space and performing space.




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