Is my pianoforte forte or piano?
It used to be an acoustic grand piano. But then it became electric, as well as electroacoustic, with digital influences, it sure did.
Around this piano:
2 pianists, several high and low technologies and a dancer that makes you want to pay attention.
The pianists add sounds, video animations and gestures, mixing and remixing real time into surreal time.
Live musical dance for each sense to enjoy, adding connections between listeners who share the same acoustic space.



A dance performance with live music, with 1 piano played by two pianists, some sensors, a live sound spatialisation system, metallic cups, speakers, and video.


Artistic Direction | Simão Costa
Musical Creation and Piano 4 Hands | Simão Costa e Joana Sá
Choreography and Performance | Yola Pinto
Animation | Rita Sá
Photography | Mário Rainha Campos
Assistant | Moirika Reker
Light Design | Margarida Moreira
Sound Projection | João Damas
Coding and Multimedia
| MSM Studio e João Damas
Production | MãoSimMão – Associação Cultural
Co-production | Fábrica das Artes/CCB


Leiria | 31ª Edição do Festival de Música

Viseu | Teatro Viriato
Lisboa | Festival BigBang, CCB, Fábrica das Artes
Lisboa | Dia D – Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Guarda | Teatro Municipal da Guarda
Lisboa | CCB BlackBox (estreia). Espetáculo criado a convite do CCB/Fábrica das Artes